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About Us
Who are the people at Scooter Motique ?

SCOOTER MOTIQUE is the name of our ATV, Scooter and Motorcycle business that grew out of PMI Values / Pique' Motorsport's efforts. We thought it would be a good idea to use a 'dba' name that would be associated with the products that we offer. Hence... Scooter Motique was born!

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We have been offering fine Powersport Products for over 10 years!

The faces behind the scenes at Scooter Motique

Principals, Barbara and Paul at the Formula Pro
Racing Series  Nazareth Speedway event.

                                                 Our son Peter, Chief Scooter and ATV tester
                                                               and Formula Pro Racing Series hopeful!

Peter.... hard at ...um...WORK?

Teddy and Panda

Paul E. Hubert, Managing Director / Owner / Driver

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