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All Pro ATV's

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50cc Youth ATV - B   COMING SOON!!

50cc Youth ATV - C   COMING SOON!!

 50cc 'FACTOR' Four Cycle ATV

    Engine:  50CC Air Cooled 4-Stroke (no need to mix oil and gas)  
     Max Torque (N/M/rpm):   3.0/5000  
     Ignition  12v CDI  
     Start:   Electric with a set of keys  
     Transmission:  Semi-automatic / No Hand Clutch  
     Dimensions:  44" X 24" X 29"  
     Seat Height:  22.4"  
     Weight:  156.2 LBS  
     Tires:  14.5 x 7 - 6  
     Brakes:  Rear Drum  
     Suspension:  Rear Mono Shock  
     Fuel Capacity:  4.5L   
    Very, Very Quiet - 35 dB  
    Warranty:  6 Months for Parts  

   Colors Available  Red, Blue, Yellow, Green  
Safety Features  Kill switch, speed restrictor, headlight
Speed Restrictor (Governor):
You can adjust this down to 5 MPH while your child is learning to ride the ATV. Extra large brake for fast stopping.
Easy to use auto kill switch,
Emergency Engine Cut Off rear control. Attach a cord to the auto cutoff attachment and walk behind the child while riding. Pull the cord to cut of the engine in case of emergency.  

Retail $999.00 plus shipping


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